Bielefeld Graduate School in Theoretical Sciences
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Funding Options of the BGTS

At the moment the BGTS provides the following funding options:

BGTS Mobility Grants

The BGTS regularly offers mobility grants to doctoral students of the BGTS. These grants support short-time research stays abroad. Current announcements can be found here.

PhD positions offered by participating and related programs

Please consult the respective websites for current information on open positions.

RTG 1620 "Models of Gravity"

IRTG 2235 "Searching for the regular in the irregular: Analysis of singular and random systems"

Bielefeld Graduate School in Economics and Management

Innovative Training Network ‘Expectations and Social Influence Dynamics in Economics’ (ExSIDE)

CRC 1283: Taming uncertainty and profiting from randomness and low regularity in analysis, stochastics and their applications

CRC-TR 211: Strong-interaction matter under extreme conditions

Database for internal and external funding options

As a roof organization the BGTS provides no doctoral fellowhips itself. An overview of other internal and external funding options can be found here.