Bielefeld Graduate School in Theoretical Sciences
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Qualification Program

The qualification program of the BGTS complements the individual doctoral studies and supports the training of young researchers.

The BGTS has no set curriculum. Doctoral students can select the courses and activities that best meet their needs.

The program

Below is a list of some possible training measures for doctoral students in the BGTS.

Subject-specific qualification

Research oriented courses and seminars take place within the framework of the participating programs, faculties and institutions.
A selection of these activities can be found here.

Interdisciplinary qualification

The BGTS comprises the doctoral training of three disciplines and attaches importance on interdisciplinary collaboration.

As a joint interdisciplinary event for all BGTS members the BGTS colloquium takes place once per semester.

International qualification

The BGTS supports international exchange of young researchers. Once a year Mobility Grants are awarded to doctoral students planning a research stay abroad. Moreover, within the Network "From Extreme Matter to Financial Markets" students can visit international partners in the framework of workshops, summer schools and research stays.

Transferable skills

There are many opportunities to gain useful qualifications beside the subject-specific training. Examples are teaching or the organization of scientific events.
In addition, Bielefeld University's Personnel development program offers a wide range of transferable skills courses. These are open to doctoral students of Bielefeld University.

BGTS certificate

At the end of their doctoral studies students can obtain a certificate listing all activities completed in addition to the thesis work. Students are asked to fill a confirmation of accomplishments and to submit this document at the end of each semester to the BGTS office. Depending on the respective activity, the signatures required on this document can be provided by the lecturer, the supervisor or the scientific coordinator of the BGTS.