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BGTS Mobility Grants

In cooperation with the Faculties of Business Administration and Economics, Mathematics and Physics and the Center for Mathematical Economics, the BGTS offers mobility grants to outstanding doctoral students, who are planning a short-time stay at another research institution. The aim of the grants is to further the students' doctoral projects and to build lasting contacts to international scientific collaboration partners.

We strongly encourage to apply despite the current pandemic situation as there will be some flexibility in taking this grant.


Grants are awarded for research stays of at least one month. A limit of the duration is given by the maximal amount of the grants (see Benefits). The research stay shall be realized before the end of the academic year 2021/22.


The BGTS Mobility Grant consists of a one-time award of up to 3.000 € for reimbursement of travel costs and local expenses. Payment in advance is possible to a large extent. (Foreign) health insurance can not be reimbursed.


Eligible for application: Doctoral students in the BGTS.
In justified exceptional cases also Master students who are in the final phase of their studies can be proposed by their Master supervisor.
Persons who have received a BGTS Mobility Grant before are not eligible to apply again.

Application Deadline

May 30, 2021


Applications should contain one PDF file consisting of the following documents:

Please submit your application to the BGTS Office, e-mail:


After the research stay the grant holders are asked to submit a report to the BGTS office. The report shall be submitted not later than two months after the research stay and shall comprise one half to one DINA4 page.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the BGTS Office.

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